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A 2-day live event to create the business and life you truly love.
Dates to be confirmed


The Proven, Tried & Tested Formula for Creating & Living the Life You Deserve!

Great lives don’t happen by accident …. they need to be carefully planned!

When was the last time you sat down and gave some serious thought as to how you would like to spend your remaining days on the planet? It’s a fact that most people spend more time planning their holidays than their lives. It’s also a fact that most people are not entirely happy with their lives. How about you?

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  • Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut, spinning your wheels around in your business and in your life, but getting nowhere fast?

  • Do you constantly seem to be repeating the same old mistakes, o-v-e-r and o-v-e-r again!

  • Or possibly you’re doing fine, but could do with some fine-tuning
  • Maybe you’re in need of some serious change?

Most importantly, are you ready for the latest information and sciences on human behaviour and performance, so you can take YOU, your business, your relationships and your life to a whole new level!

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This is YOUR invitation to spend the day with Johnnie Cass and an opportunity to create the FREEDOM and OPULENCE to at last live a life on your terms. The truth is, you ALREADY have everything you need …. all you have to do is unlock the plan that’ll make it happen.

At this moment in time, there really is nothing quite like this unique event anywhere else on the planet!

Renowned international speaker and coach Johnnie Cass, will be heading over to the UK to lead this intimate and exclusive event ….. an event that will help you stop trading your life for money, unlock a more rewarding way of doing business and put you on the path to a stress-free existence. AKA, a ‘Life by Design’

Johnnie has studied human behaviour and performance for over 20 years, and worked in a variety of leadership roles. He’s coached and worked with literally tens of thousands of people across the globe, and is a highly regarded and sort after, thought-leader and influencer. And now he wants to share his vision with you. Johnnie normally charges clients $5,000 per day for this type of coaching.

Clicking the link means you’ll be able to access Johnnies proven success formulas, plus you’ll gain an insight to 20 years of learning and hard earned research and documentation. Johnnie breaks it all down into an easily accessible step-by-step process …..

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The Life By Design Experience

  • The power of the mind and how to truly re-set your brain for greater success.
  • How to manage the internal chatter in your brain, so you can focus, fully concentrate and get more done in your day
  • Understand why you might be sabotaging yourself, and how to break that habit
  • How to bring in more money –and keep it!
  • Learn skills for influence, negotiation and how to close more deals
  • And soooo much, much more!!

It’s going to be a ROCKING day! Fun filled, inspiring, re-energising and it’s totally guaranteed to keep you on track for the whole year and far beyond.

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Johnnie is an international speaker

who REALLY knows his stuff. People describe his events as ‘experiences’ rather than presentations. You REALLY need to grab this opportunity and get to this event. It will be a game changer for you!

A question Johnnie is regularly asked in his coaching sessions is; ‘When will it be my turn Johnnie?’

The answer is always the same; ‘Its YOUR turn RIGHT NOW, you just have to take it!’

Join Johnnie Cass at his 2-day live event Life By Design

Join Johnnie Cass at his 2-day live event Life By Design
Dates to be confirmed
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What Other People Say About Johnnie Cass !!

Johnnie busted so many limiting beliefs and gave me fresh perspectives on how I can take my life to the next level. I feel refreshed, energised and ready to step up my game. You gotta get in the room! Johnnie was just amazing and is so real. Loved every minute of it!.

Jane Nguyen, from Bentleigh East, Victoria

Johnnie’s style is diverse & flexible.  His questions were probing & thought provoking, requiring further, deeper reflection.  An amazing weekend with some great emotions & high energy.  It has left me with a deep knowledge of possibilities that lay before me.

Pete Boyer, from Flemington, Victoria

Having been in the coaching industry for over 8 years – I am still ‘wowed’ by Johnnie Cass’s methodology, training & presenting of ‘Life By Design’.  This training is a ‘must’ for anyone feeling stuck, hopeless & wanting some direction.  The value given was just outstanding.  If you want a better quality of life – THIS is your starting point

Susan Santoro, from St Kilda, Victoria

Life By Design will change your life if you are open to what is being taught.  It is a highly interactive experience that will give you the tools to change your life for the better.  Johnnie delivered world class knowledge, very professional, genuine, warm & engaging.  An awesome investment of your time. An absolute must to event.

Melissa Ryan, from Broadford, Victoria

The training with Johnnie was inspirational, emotional & amazing. I am empowered & motivated to continue my journey sharing the tools with my clients.

Sheila Henley, from Ungarie NSW